Conquering the Evony Server War : 7 cool Strategies, Tips

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Brief Overview of Evony and Server War

Evony Server War is a massively played multiplayer online strategy game developed by Evony LLC. Players mainly focus to build their civilizations, train armies and engage in diplomacy and warfare with other players.

One of the most exciting aspects of Evony gameplay is server war, where players from different alliances battle against each other for control of territory. Each server war lasts for a set period of time, generally ranging from weeks to months.

During this time, alliances work together to capture cities and fortresses across the map while defending their own territories against enemy attacks. The ultimate goal is to achieve victory points through capturing and holding key locations on the map.

Purpose of the outline

The purpose of this article is to provide players with suggestions, tips, latest unique information about evony server war and FAQs that will help them succeed in this high-stakes competition. The article will cover a range of topics including how to develop a strong alliance strategy, prioritize research upgrades correctly for maximum impact on battles  or utilize different troop types effectively in combat situations.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to up your game or a newcomer seeking advice on how to get started, our comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about evony server war. So let’s dive into the details!

Suggestions for Success in Server War

In the world of Evony, server war is a battle fought between alliances to establish dominance and gain control over resources. Like any war, winning server war requires careful strategy and planning. Here are some suggestions to help your alliance come out on top:

Develop a strong alliance and communication strategy

Before entering into server war, it is important to have a solid foundation with your alliance members. This includes establishing clear lines of communication, ensuring everyone knows their role in the group, and building a sense of trust among members. One way to achieve this is by using messaging apps like Discord or Line to coordinate troop movement and share information.

Focus on resource management and production

Resources are the lifeblood of any successful alliance in Evony. A smart resource management strategy will help ensure that your alliance has enough food, wood, stone, and iron to fund research upgrades and build troops for battle. Encourage your members to focus on resource production by upgrading their farms, logging camps, quarries, and iron mines.

Prioritize research and technology upgrades

Researching technology upgrades can give you an edge over enemy alliances by improving your troops’ strength or reducing build times for buildings. It’s essential that you prioritize research based on the needs of your alliance’s strategy or goals. For example, if you plan on attacking enemy cities often during server war you may want to upgrade technologies related to cavalry or siege weapons.

Utilize scouts to gather intelligence on enemy forces

Scouts are an essential part of gathering intelligence about enemy alliances during server war. You can use scouts to keep tabs on enemy troop movements, survey their cities’ defenses, or identify vulnerable targets for attack. Make sure all members of your alliance know how to use scouts effectively so that they can contribute to the collected information.

Strategize attacks and defenses based on enemy strengths and weaknesses

Knowing your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses is key to winning server war battles. For example, you may want to attack an enemy city with a weaker defense rather than one with strong walls, or use your troops’ speed to catch an enemy army off guard.

Similarly, defensive strategy should focus on fortifying important areas of your alliance’s territory while avoiding spreading resources too thin. Communicate regularly with members of your alliance to coordinate attacks and defenses for maximum effectiveness.

By following these suggestions, your alliance can increase its chances of success in Evony server war. Remember that cooperation and communication are key, so stay organized and work together for the best results.

Tips for Winning Server War Battles

Utilize Different Troop Types for Specific Tasks

One of the most important tips for winning server war battles is to use different troop types for specific tasks. For example, cavalry units are great for quick raids and reconnaissance missions, while infantry units are better suited for holding defensive positions and absorbing enemy attacks.

Archers can effectively attack from a distance and take down enemy units before they get too close. It’s important to have a balanced army with all different types of troops to counter the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.

Pay Attention to Terrain Bonuses and Penalties

Another key tip is to pay attention to terrain bonuses and penalties. Certain types of terrain can give your troops an advantage or disadvantage in battle. For example, hills provide a defensive bonus while forests give archers an advantage.

On the other hand, swamps and rivers can slow down movement and make it difficult to maneuver your troops. By understanding the terrain on the battlefield, you can plan your attacks accordingly and gain an edge over your opponents.

Use Hero Skills to Boost Troop Effectiveness

Heroes play a crucial role in server war battles as they possess unique skills that can boost troop effectiveness. Some heroes specialize in combat, increasing attack or defense stats of their troops, while others focus on resource management or technological advancements that speed up production times. It’s important to choose heroes that complement your strategy and utilize their skills effectively during battles.

Coordinate Attacks with Allies for Maximum Impact

In server war battles, coordination with allies is essential for success. By working together, alliances can launch coordinated attacks on specific targets or defend against incoming attacks from enemies. Communication is key when coordinating with allies as you need to plan out strategies together while also being prepared to adapt quickly if things don’t go according to plan.

Pay Attention to the Enemy’s Strategy and Adjust Accordingly

It’s important to pay attention to the enemy’s strategy and adjust accordingly. By analyzing their troop movements and attack patterns, you can anticipate their next move and prepare your defenses accordingly.

If your opponent is using a specific tactic repeatedly, try to come up with a counter-strategy that will catch them off guard. By staying one step ahead of your opponents, you can gain the upper hand in server war battles and secure victory for your alliance.

Winning server war battles requires a combination of tactics, strategy, and teamwork. By utilizing different troop types for specific tasks, paying attention to terrain bonuses and penalties, using hero skills effectively, coordinating with allies for maximum impact, and adjusting your strategy based on the enemy’s movements, you can gain an edge over your opponents and emerge victorious in server war battles.

Latest Unique Information about Evony Server War

New Features Added in Recent Updates

Evony is constantly evolving and improving, and recent updates have added some exciting new features to the game that can greatly impact server war strategy. One of the biggest additions is the ability to build a new type of defensive structure called the “Dragon’s Nest.” This structure has powerful defensive capabilities and also provides a bonus to resource production in its surrounding area. Players will need to carefully consider where they place their Dragon’s Nests in order to reap the most benefits.

Another new feature that has been added is the ability to access a “Black Market” within your own city. In this market, players can buy and sell resources with other players on their server, allowing them to quickly acquire much-needed resources or offload excess resources for profit.

This can be a powerful tool for players looking to gain an edge in server war. There have been changes made to how alliances work within Evony.

Alliances can now be ranked according to their strength, with rewards given out at the end of each season based on these rankings. This adds an extra layer of competition and motivation for players looking to rise up through the ranks.

Changes in Gameplay Mechanics That Affect Server War Strategy

With every update comes changes in gameplay mechanics that can greatly impact how players approach server war strategy. One key change has been made regarding troop movement speed.

Troops now move faster overall, but also tire more quickly, making it important for players to manage their troops’ fatigue levels by allowing them rest periods between battles. Another change that has been made is regarding hero usage during battles.

Heroes now have unique abilities that can be used during battle by pressing certain hotkeys or selecting them from a dropdown menu. These abilities range from healing troops or boosting their attack power, to summoning reinforcements or calling in powerful airstrikes.

Players will need to carefully choose which heroes to bring into battle and when to use their abilities for maximum effect. There have been changes made to how resource production works within Evony.

Certain resource nodes now provide bonuses depending on the type of terrain they are located on, such as forests providing a bonus to lumber production. This makes it important for players to consider the terrain when placing new cities or resource nodes.

Evony frequently runs special events and promotions related specifically to server war, offering players unique rewards and opportunities for advancement. One upcoming event is the “Warrior’s Path” event, where players can earn points by completing daily tasks and participating in server war battles. These points can then be exchanged for valuable rewards such as hero medals or dragon eggs.

Another promotion currently running is the “Server Merge” event, where smaller servers are merged together into larger ones in order to create a more active player pool and increase competition. This can be an exciting time for players looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to prove their skills on a larger stage.

Overall, staying up-to-date with these latest unique features, gameplay mechanics changes, events or promotions related specifically to server war can give you an enormous advantage over your competition during server war battles. It’s therefore important that you keep yourself informed about everything that’s available within Evony so that you don’t miss any opportunities that come your way!

Frequently Asked Questions about Evony Server War

What is The Max Number of Alliances Allowed in Evony Server War?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Evony server war is how many alliances are allowed to participate in a single war. The answer to this question depends on the server, and it can range from as few as two alliances to as many as ten or more.

The number of alliances allowed in a server war is determined by the game developers and is typically based on factors such as server size, player activity levels, and available resources. In general, larger servers will be able to accommodate more alliances, while smaller servers may only have room for a few.

It’s important to note that just because an alliance is not participating in the server war does not mean they cannot be attacked or affect the outcome of battles indirectly. Alliances should take necessary precautions to defend their cities and resources during server wars even if they are not actively participating.

Is Switching Alliances During a Server War Good?

Another common question from players is whether or not they can switch alliances during a running server war. In most cases, players are allowed to switch between alliances at any time during the game; however, there are usually restrictions on switching sides once the actual fighting has begun.

Before switching sides during a server war, players should carefully consider their options and whether or not it’s worth risking their reputation with their current alliance members for the potential benefits of joining another team. They should also ensure that they fully understand any rules or penalties associated with switching sides mid-war.

How to Do Rewards Distribution at End of Server War

Rewards distribution is always an important topic for players involved in Evony server wars. At the end of each war, rewards are distributed based on various criteria such as participation level and success rate in battles. Typically, rewards are distributed to all players in the winning alliance, with higher-ranking players receiving more valuable rewards than lower-ranking ones.

Players who are not in the winning alliance may still receive some rewards based on their individual performance during the war. The exact rewards available can vary depending on the server and the specific war, but they often include resources such as gold and food, rare items or equipment, and special privileges that can be used in future gameplay.

How to Win Without Participating in Battles?😂

Some players wonder if it’s possible to win a server war without actually participating in battles. While it is technically possible, it’s highly unlikely for an alliance to come out on top if they are not actively participating in battles and contributing to their team’s overall success.

Winning a server war requires strategic planning, efficient resource management, effective communication between alliance members, and strong leadership. Even alliances that excel in these areas may still struggle if they fail to participate actively in battles or support their fellow team members during critical moments.

Evony server wars offer an exciting opportunity for players to test their skills and compete against other alliances from around the world. By understanding key concepts such as maximum alliance limits, switching sides during a war, reward distribution at the end of a game cycle and how important being active is for success; players can better position themselves for success both during gameplay and at endgame.


Successful gameplay in Evony server war requires a combination of tactical and strategic skill. Developing a strong alliance, maintaining efficient resource management, prioritizing research and technology upgrades, utilizing scouts to gather intelligence on enemy forces, and strategizing attacks and defenses based on enemy strengths and weaknesses are all essential elements to achieve victory in server war battles. Tactical skill is also crucial for winning server war battles.

Utilizing different troop types for specific tasks, paying attention to terrain bonuses and penalties, using hero skills to boost troop effectiveness, and coordinating attacks with allies are all tactics that can help players win individual battles. Players should also stay up-to-date with the latest unique information about Evony server war.

Changes in gameplay mechanics that affect server war strategy can occur at any time. Players who are aware of these changes can adjust their strategies accordingly and gain an edge over their competition.

It’s important to be aware of frequently asked questions about Evony server war. Knowing the maximum number of alliances allowed in a server war or how rewards are distributed at the end of a server war can help players plan their strategies more effectively.

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