the Art of Skateboard Tricks: 9 hacks From Basic to pro

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Skateboarding is a popular sport that has been around since the 1940s, and today it is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Skateboarders use their boards to perform a wide range of tricks that require skill, balance, and coordination. From simple moves like the Ollie to complex maneuvers like the Darkslide, skateboard tricks are an integral part of the sport.

Brief History of Skateboarding

Skateboarding originated in California in the late 1940s when surfers started riding their surfboards on land. At first, they used makeshift boards made from wooden boxes or planks of wood with roller skate wheels attached to them. In the 1960s, companies started producing purpose-built skateboards made from fiberglass and other materials.

The popularity of skateboarding increased throughout the 1970s and 1980s as skateboard parks opened up all over the world. Skaters started performing more complex tricks using ramps, half-pipes, and other obstacles.

Today, skateboarding is recognized as a mainstream sport with its own professional athletes and competitions. It has also become a form of artistic expression with many skateboarders using their boards to create unique pieces of art.

Importance of Skateboard Tricks in the Sport

Skateboard tricks are an essential part of the sport because they allow skaters to express themselves creatively while also testing their physical abilities. Without tricks, skateboarding would simply be riding around on a board.

Tricks are also what make skateboarding so exciting for both spectators and participants alike. A skilled skater can wow an audience with their ability to launch themselves into the air or slide down rails effortlessly.

In addition to being fun and exciting, mastering skateboard tricks can also lead to opportunities for professional success in industries such as film production or advertising where skateboard stunts are often used. Overall, skateboard tricks are a vital part of the sport and its culture, driving innovation and creativity in the skateboarding community.


Basic Skateboard Tricks

Skateboarding is a sport that requires skill, balance, and practice. One of the first things that beginner skateboarders learn is the Ollie. This trick involves jumping with the skateboard without using your hands to lift it off the ground.

To perform this trick, place your feet on the board with your back foot at an angle and then quickly drag your front foot up towards the nose of the board while simultaneously jumping into the air. The board will follow you as you jump off the ground.

Another basic skateboard trick that every beginner should know is called a kickflip. This trick involves flipping the board in mid-air with your foot while jumping.

To do this trick, start by placing your feet in an Ollie position and then flicking your front foot across and down while simultaneously sliding it towards the tail of the board. The board will flip 360 degrees in mid-air before landing back under your feet.

The heelflip is similar to a kickflip but instead of flipping with your toes, you flip with your heel. Start by placing your feet in an Ollie position and then slide your front foot towards the nose of the board at a diagonal angle.

At this point, start flicking out with your heel so that it hits just below where you would normally hit for an Ollie jump. Practicing these three basic tricks can lead to more advanced ones that require similar techniques or combinations of these tricks.


1.The Ollie

The ability to perform an ollie allows a skater to hop onto sidewalks or over obstacles when street skating or transition from one obstacle to another when skating ramps or bowls: it’s essential! Learning how to ollie takes time and practice because it requires coordination between both feet.

Beginners often make mistakes such as not properly dragging their front foot up or not popping hard enough. However, with practice, the Ollie will become second nature.

It is also important to note that practice in different terrain can improve your ability to Ollie. For instance, practicing in grass and on rough surfaces can help you learn how to properly pop and land the trick.


The kickflip is a trick that has been around for decades. It’s one of the first tricks every skateboarder learns after learning how to ollie.

The kickflip is performed by kicking the board with your front foot while simultaneously moving your back foot out of the way so that the board can flip over. To execute a kickflip correctly, it’s important to have a strong pop and flick of your front foot while keeping your back foot hovering above the tail of the board until you see it flipping over.

3. Heelflip

The heelflip is similar to the kickflip but uses a different part of your foot- instead of using your toes as in a kickflip; you use your heel in this trick. This trick requires more finesse than brute force since it involves kicking out with your heel while simultaneously sliding up with your front foot. To perform this trick correctly, start by positioning your feet just like when performing an ollie or a kickflip.

Then, after popping into the air with both feet together slide down towards tail then flick outwards using heel part for flipping motion. Mastering these basic skateboard tricks gives beginners an excellent foundation for more advanced skating techniques and combinations they may want to try later on as they grow more confident and skilled on their boards.

Intermediate Skateboard Tricks

After mastering the basic skateboard tricks, it’s time to move on to the intermediate level. These tricks require more skill, practice, and patience. In this section, we will cover three popular intermediate skateboard tricks: Pop Shove-it, 50-50 Grind, and Frontside 180.

1. Pop Shove-it

The Pop Shove-it is a great trick to learn after mastering the Ollie. It involves spinning the board 180 degrees while jumping in the air.

To perform this trick, start in an Ollie position with your front foot near the middle of your board and your back foot on the tail. Pop the board up with your back foot while simultaneously sliding your front foot forward and jumping off of both feet.

As soon as you leave the ground, use your back foot to scoop and spin the board 180 degrees in a horizontal direction. Land with both feet on top of the board as it completes its spin.

2. 50-50 Grind

The 50-50 Grind is one of the most popular grinds in skateboarding. It involves sliding on a rail or ledge with both trucks on it.

To perform this trick, approach an obstacle at an angle with moderate speed and ollie onto it so that both trucks land flush on top of it at once. Once balanced on top of it, maintain speed by slightly leaning forward while sliding along until you are ready to jump off.

3. Frontside 180

The Frontside 180 is one of the easiest spins to learn but requires good control over steering while riding forward at moderate speed level.The trick involves turning 180 degrees while riding forward without stopping.To perform this trick,start riding straight then flip tail around by kicking backwards .While doing that, pivot your front foot,turning your body to the front and landing with both feet facing forward. This trick might take time but remember practice makes perfect.

Intermediates skateboard tricks can be difficult to learn. They require a lot of practice and determination to master.

These three tricks mentioned are only a few of the many intermediate-level tricks in skateboarding. Each skater should work at their own pace and choose what appeals to them.

4. Advanced Skateboard Tricks

Once you’ve mastered the basic and intermediate skateboard tricks, it’s time to take your skills to the next level with advanced tricks that require a combination of technical ability and creativity. Here are three challenging tricks that will push your limits.

5. Tre Flip – Combining a Kickflip and a 360-Degree Spin

The tre flip, also known as the 360 flip, is one of the most difficult skateboard tricks to master. It involves combining a kickflip with a 360-degree spin in one smooth motion.

To perform this trick, start by popping an ollie and then flicking your front foot diagonally towards the nose of the board to initiate the kickflip. As the board starts flipping, jump and rotate your body 360 degrees while keeping your back foot over the tail of the board.

Catch the board with both feet and land smoothly. Mastery of this trick requires plenty of practice and patience.

Start by practicing stationary tre flips on flat ground before attempting them while rolling. Remember to keep your shoulders parallel with the board during rotation and position your feet correctly for optimal balance.

6. Nollie Flip – Doing a Flip Trick from the Nose of The Board

The nollie flip is similar to other flip tricks like kickflips or heelflips but instead of starting from a regular stance (with left foot forward), it starts from nollie stance (with right foot forward). This trick requires you to pop an ollie off your front foot while simultaneously flipping/spinning it inwards along with rotating your body in order for you to land on it when it completes its rotation/spin. Landing this trick demands precision timing between all moving parts: legs, feet, arms & shoulders all need to work in unison.

Start by practicing stationary nollie flips before attempting them while rolling. Once you have the basic mechanics down, try incorporating flip tricks into more complex lines and combos.

7. Backside Smith Grind – Grinding on a Rail or Ledge with Only One Truck

The backside smith grind is a difficult skateboard trick that requires grinding on a rail or ledge with only one truck. This trick is all about balance and control as you will be balancing your weight over only one truck while sliding along the edge of a rail/ledge.

To perform this trick, start by approaching the rail at an angle, then ollie onto it with your feet positioned slightly towards the back of the board and your front foot near the bolts. Once you make contact with the rail, shift your weight towards your back foot to lock in and slide along it with just one truck.

Practice this trick on curbs first before moving up to higher rails. Keep in mind that grinding on only one truck puts additional stress on that side of the board, so make sure to inspect your board regularly for any signs of wear and tear.


Advanced skateboard tricks can be challenging but also rewarding once mastered. Remember that practice and patience are key when learning new tricks – take your time to master each step before moving onto more advanced maneuvers.

Extraordinary Skateboard Tricks

Double Kickflip

The double kickflip is one of the most impressive skateboard tricks. It involves flipping the board twice while in mid-air, using a combination of the flick of your front foot and the pop of your back foot. This trick requires a lot of practice and patience, as it takes precise timing and coordination to execute properly.

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