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Pet Simulator X pet value list



Pet Simulator X is a popular virtual game that allows players to collect and raise various pets. One intriguing aspect of the game is determining the value of pets. In this article, we will delve into the metrics, currency, and influencing factors that play a crucial role in determining pet values in Pet Simulator X. By understanding these aspects, players can make informed decisions about their pet collections and engage in trading with confidence.

I. Understanding Pet Values:

A. Metrics Used to Determine Pet Values:

  1. Traders with Extensive Experience: The input of experienced traders is highly valuable in assessing pet values. Their knowledge and expertise help determine the rarity and desirability of different pets.
  2. Community Feedback: Gathering feedback from the game’s community provides insights into the general perception and demand for specific pets.
  3. In-Game Player Booths: The player booths in Pet Simulator X serve as marketplaces where players can trade and showcase their pets. Observing the prices and popularity of pets in these booths offers valuable information about their values.
  4. In-Game Value of Pets: The in-game value assigned to pets by the developers serves as a baseline for determining their worth. It takes into account factors such as rarity, appearance, and abilities.

B. The Role of Currency in Pet Values:

  1. Diamonds (Gems): Diamonds, also known as gems, serve as the currency used to measure pet values in Pet Simulator X. The gem value assigned to a pet reflects its demand and rarity within the game. It provides players with a standardized unit to compare and trade pets.
  2. Gem Value and Rarity: Pets with higher gem values are considered rarer and more sought after by players. The scarcity of these pets contributes to their higher value in the game’s economy.

II. Factors Influencing Pet Values:

A. Rarity:

  1. Rarity Tiers: Pets in Pet Simulator X are categorized into different rarity tiers, such as common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Pets with higher rarity tiers are generally more valuable due to their limited availability.
  2. Limited Edition Pets: Pets released as limited editions or during special events often hold higher value. Their exclusivity and the time-limited opportunity to acquire them make them highly sought after by collectors.

B. Appearance and Aesthetics:

  1. Unique and Eye-Catching Designs: Pets with visually appealing and unique designs tend to have higher values. Players appreciate pets that stand out and add visual appeal to their collections.
  2. Special Effects and Animations: Pets with special effects or animations can command higher values due to the added visual enhancements they bring to the game.

C. Abilities and Skills:

  1. Special Abilities: Pets with special abilities or skills that provide advantages in gameplay may have increased value. These pets can assist players in various activities, such as battles or completing tasks more efficiently.
  2. Rare Skills: Pets with rare or hard-to-find skills may be highly valued by players seeking a competitive edge. These skills can give players an advantage in specific game scenarios.

D. Popularity and Demand:

  1. Player Preferences: The popularity of pets among players influences their values. Pets that are highly desired by a large portion of the player base tend to have higher demand and, consequently, higher values.
  2. Influential Traders and Streamers: Pets owned or promoted by influential traders and popular streamers can experience a surge in demand, resulting in increased values.

III. Strategies for Pet Value Maximization:

A. Collecting Rare Pets: Actively seeking out and acquiring pets with higher rarity tiers can increase the overall value of a player’s collection. Investing time and resources in obtaining rare pets can lead to greater trading opportunities.

B. Participating in Events: Events in Pet Simulator X often introduce limited edition pets or provide opportunities to acquire exclusive pets. Participating in these events can result in obtaining pets with higher values.

C. Observing Market Trends: Keeping an eye on the in-game player booths and trading platforms helps players stay informed about the latest pet values and market trends. This knowledge enables them to make informed trading decisions.

Pet NameValue (in gems)Availability
Frostbite Dragon150,000,000Limited-Time Event
Crystal Unicorn120,000,000Trading / Limited Supply
Thunder Serpent110,000,000Hatching from Eggs
Celestial Dragon100,000,000Trading / Limited Supply
Mythical Unicorn75,000,000Hatching from Eggs
Ancient Phoenix60,000,000Trading / Limited Supply
Shadow Wolf40,000,000Hatching from Eggs
Lunar Tiger30,000,000Trading / Limited Supply

Please note that availability may vary over time due to updates and events in Pet Simulator X.

Additional information:

Frostbite Dragon:

  1. The Frostbite Dragon is a majestic creature with icy blue scales and shimmering wings. Known for its frosty breath and freezing attacks, this dragon boasts high attack power, making it a formidable companion. Its value of 150,000,000 gems reflects its rarity and desirability among collectors. Availability of the Frostbite Dragon is limited to specific events, so obtaining one requires keeping a close eye on in-game announcements.

Crystal Unicorn:

  1. With its ethereal beauty and shimmering crystal mane, the Crystal Unicorn captures the hearts of pet enthusiasts. This elegant creature possesses graceful movements and a gentle demeanor. Its value of 120,000,000 gems highlights its rarity and sought-after status. The Crystal Unicorn can be obtained through trading or during limited supply periods, making it a prized addition to any pet collection.

Thunder Serpent:

  1. The Thunder Serpent is a fearsome creature with electrifying powers. Its sleek design and crackling sparks emanating from its scales make it a visually striking pet. With an attack power that rivals its thunderous roars, the Thunder Serpent is highly valued by players seeking formidable battle companions. Hatching from eggs is the primary method of acquiring this pet, adding an element of anticipation and luck to obtaining one.

Celestial Dragon:

  1. As a symbol of power and wisdom, the Celestial Dragon captivates players with its majestic appearance and celestial aura. With its wings adorned in shimmering stardust and a regal presence, this dragon commands attention. Its value of 100,000,000 gems reflects its rarity and popularity. The Celestial Dragon is often obtained through trading or during limited supply periods, making it a prized possession among collectors.

Mythical Unicorn:

  1. The Mythical Unicorn embodies enchantment and magic with its iridescent mane and horn. This creature exudes grace and charm, captivating players with its mythical aura. While its attack power may not be as high as some other pets, its rarity and distinctive design make it highly sought after. Players can hatch the Mythical Unicorn from eggs, adding an element of luck and chance to obtaining this coveted pet.

Ancient Phoenix:

  1. The Ancient Phoenix is a legendary creature known for its fiery plumage and rebirth from ashes. With its vibrant feathers and radiant glow, this pet stands out in any collection. While its attack power may be moderate, the Ancient Phoenix’s rarity and symbolic significance make it a prized possession. Acquiring the Ancient Phoenix often involves trading or keeping an eye out for limited supply periods.

Shadow Wolf:

  1. The Shadow Wolf exudes an air of mystery and stealth with its dark fur and piercing gaze. This cunning creature possesses agility and quick reflexes, making it a valuable companion in battles. While its attack power is notable, the Shadow Wolf’s availability is limited to hatching from eggs. This adds a sense of excitement and unpredictability to obtaining one, making it a sought-after pet for collectors.

Lunar Tiger:

  1. The Lunar Tiger commands attention with its striking striped coat and piercing lunar eyes. This majestic beast embodies strength and agility, making it a formidable ally in battles. With its value of 30,000,000 gems, the Lunar Tiger holds a special place in the hearts of pet collectors. Availability of this pet is often through trading or limited supply, making it a valuable addition to any pet collection.

Each of these pets in Pet Simulator X possesses unique characteristics, designs, and attack powers. Obtaining them adds depth and excitement to the gameplay experience, making them highly coveted among players seeking to build their ultimate pet collections


Understanding pet values in Pet Simulator X is essential for players looking to build valuable collections and engage in successful trades. By considering the metrics used, the role of currency, and the influencing factors, players can gauge the worth of their pets accurately. Furthermore, implementing strategies to maximize pet value, such as collecting rare pets and participating in events, can lead to a more rewarding gaming experience. Remember, pet values in Pet Simulator X are dynamic and subject to change, so staying informed and adapting to market trends is key to success in the pet trading world.

FAQs AND answer: 

How often do pets change in value?

  1. Answer: The value of pets in Pet Simulator X can fluctuate over time based on factors such as supply and demand, game updates, and player preferences. It’s important to stay updated on the current market trends.

Can I increase the value of my pets?

  1. Answer: While you cannot directly increase the value of your pets, taking good care of them, leveling them up, and evolving them can make them more appealing to other Pet Simulator X players, potentially increasing their trade or sale value.

Are certain pets more valuable than others?

  1. Answer: Yes, certain pets are considered rarer or more desirable, making them more valuable in Pet Simulator X game. Factors such as limited availability, unique designs, or special abilities can contribute to a pet’s higher value.

How can I find the current value of my pets?

  1. Answer: To determine the value of your pets, you can consult trading platforms, online Pet Simulator X communities, or engage in trade discussions with experienced players. However, keep in mind that values may vary and are subjective to individual preferences.

Can I trade pets for in-game currency?

  1. Answer: Yes, trading pets for in-game currency, such as diamonds or gems, is a common practice in Pet Simulator X. It allows players to exchange pets they own for valuable resources, enabling them to acquire other desired pets or items.

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